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Teeth Whitening at Apollonia House Dental Practice
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is an easy and convenient way to transform your smile. Bright white teeth can help increase confidence and self-assurance. This treatment is a perfect example of minimal effort with great results. We offer the most advanced, safe and affordable options for teeth whitening and can provide guidance and advise to achieve the best results.

It’s often possible to lighten and brighten your own natural teeth without lengthy treatment. Tooth Whitening involves using whitening gel such as Opalescence© in specially made trays that fit over the upper and/ or lower teeth. All of the dentists are able to provide whitening. Two visits are involved - the first to assess the teeth and take impressions and the second to fit the trays and provide the whitening gel with instructions.

The cost is £350 for upper and lower teeth.
Opalescence Tooth Whitening at Apollonia Dental Practice
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