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Denplan (now known as Simply Health Professionals)
What is Denplan
With Denplan Care you can leave all of your worries about costly and unexpected dental bills behind you. Just one monthly payment entitles you to the routine care and treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. All Denplan schemes also include an optional insurance element that covers the cost of out-of-hours emergency visits and emergency care around the UK and the world.

How Denplan works
Whether you’ve previously been part of a Denplan scheme or not, the first stage is to have your teeth and gums checked by one of our dentists. You’ll need to be dentally fit before you can join Denplan and if treatment is needed you’ll be provided with a written plan of treatment including costs.

Your monthly payment is calculated on a number of factors. An assessment will be made by your Dentist at your first consultation. Once signed up, the fee is collected by Denplan, normally through a Direct debit.

Denplan Care
The Denplan Care is the original Denplan scheme. As well as emergency and out-of-hours cover, Denplan covers the cost of all examinations, X-rays, cleaning with the dentist or hygienist, and any treatment. If treatment involves an external fee such as a laboratory fee you pay only that fee. That is, if a crown is made for you, you’d pay the lab fee of around £140 rather than the full fee of around £600. Purely cosmetic treatment is not covered (such as whitening) but is reduced by 20%.

Denplan Essentials
Denplan Essentials evolved to minimise the monthly cost of a Denplan Scheme. Essentials covers the cost of examinations, X-rays and cleaning with the dentist or hygienist. You would pay for any treatment but the cost is reduced by 20%. There are 4 fee bands in Denplan Essentials, depending on how often you need examinations and how often you need to see the dentist or hygienist for cleaning and polishing.

What is the cost?
There are 5 fee bands in Denplan Care - A being for those with lowest dental need (and therefore least expensive) through to band E for those with highest dental need.

  • The cost of Denplan Care ranges from £19.76 – £53.17 per month (2022).
  • The cost of Denplan Essentials rages from £8.99 – £29.75 per month (2022).

As part of the initial assessment you’ll be advised of the different options and cost.
For each Denplan member that pays from the same account there is a 5% discount up to a maximum of 20%.

Ask your dentist to assess your dental health and you will then be informed of the monthly fees payable.

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